About factory

-         What is your main product?

Our main products are makeup brushes.

-         Do you provide any other products?

Yes, we can provide skin care and makeup tools products, like face cleaner, sponges, cosmetic bags, mirrors and hair brushes.

-         How many years have you been in this industry?

More than 10 years.

-         Where is your factory?

Our factory is located in Guanlan, Shenzhen, China.


About product

-         How many colors I can make for the bristles?

You can make single color, 2 colors, 3 colors and mixed color of the bristles.

-         Can I do the shape of bristles of my own design?

Yes, of course. We can do very professional bristles.

-         What is the material of the ferrule?

It is aluminum ferrule, for high quality standard, we also can make copper ferrules.

-         What is the color of the ferrules?

It is silver, gold and black, you can make whatever color you like.

-         What is the finish on the ferrules?

They are gloss finish or matte finish.

-         Can I have my logo print on the ferrules?

Yes, this is ok.

-         What is the shape of the handles?

They are straight handles, taped handles and other handles.

-         What is the finish on the handles?

They are gloss finish or matte finish.

-         What is the material of the handles?

They are wooden handle, bamboo handle, plastic handle, resin handle and aluminum handles.

-         Can I have my logo print on the handles?

Yes, this is ok.

-         How do you print logo on the handles?

Normally we silkscreen print the logo, or hot stamping the logo.


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About samples

-         Can I have a sample to check the quality

Yes, it is possible.

-         What¡¯s the sample cost?

We can send sample for free if you have your courier account. If not, normally it is USD50 for sample and courier charges.

-         What¡¯s the lead time of your samples?

It normally takes 7 - 10 days.

-         Can we print logo on the sample?

We suggest don¡¯t print logo at the beginning, once the order is confirmed, we can print logo.

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About mass production

-         What is the MOQ of your makeup brush?

Normally the MOQ of single brush is 3000pcs. The MOQ for brush set is 2000pcs.

-         What¡¯s the cost of your single brush?

It depends on the material and finish of each brush.

-         What¡¯s the cost of your brush set?

It depends on the material and finish of different brush set.

-         What¡¯s the packaging for your makeup brush?

We can do customer packaging to the makeup brushes, normally we use brush roll, paper box and PET box.

-         What¡¯s the lead time of your makeup brush?

The lead time is 40 days after sample approval.

-         What¡¯s your terms of payment?

We request 30% deposit and balance before shipment.

-         How you ship your goods?

We can ship goods by sea or by air. 

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About makeup brushes

-         What type of makeup brush you make?

We have face brush, eye brush and lip brush.

-         How many face brushes do you have?

We can make different kind of face brushes, like foundation, powder brush, blush brush, highlight brush, contour brush, concealer brush and fan brush.

-         How many eye brushes do you have?

-         We can make different kind of eye brushes, like eye shadow brush, eye blending brush, eye shadow crease brush, eyeliner brush and smudge brush.

-         What kind of brow brush do you have?

We have angled brow brush and spoolie brush.

-         What kind of d lip brush o you have?

We have lip brush and lip liner brush. 

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After-sales service

-         How long for the quality assurance?

Normally we guarantee the quality of 1 year.

-         What shall I do if I have defect on my products?

Send us the image then we will advise the solution, we can replace a new brush if necessary.  

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